A. L. Alstead

A. L. Alsteadabortionists, abortionistsmaleOn Monday, November 23, 1863, Dr. Alfred L. Alstead of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to three years and four months in prison, and a fine of $100, for performing the fatal abortion on Louisa Hullsberger, who was about 22 years old.

President of The Dauphin County Medical Societyduring 1884
In accordance with a resolution it affords me pleasure to refer to the following:
On the 20th of February 1866 the physicians of Dauphin County formed themselves into The Dauphin County Medical Society for the purpose of promoting the honor the character and the interests of the medical profession. The origin of this purpose was due to the determination of the profession not to be identified with one who had been convicted of criminal abortion. They therefore passed this resolution unanimously:
“That we, the regular physicians of the city of Harrisburg, will have no professional communication whatever with AL Alstead Md of this city or with any practitioner who may hereafter have any intercourse professionally with him.”
This clarion note of purity and dignity thrilled the profession and left it as a birth mark upon the minutes of this Society.
How faithfully we have striven to retain untarnished this honor and to elevate and sustain medical character so vigorously expressed is known to us all.
To day we enter upon the twentieth year of existence when the vitality of infancy has accomplished organization and is now graced by the virility of admirable manhood. Since we have encouraged medical etiquette with urbanity we can perform the duty of mutual improvement devolving upon us. We have attained the proud position of being the exponent of medical opinion and information in matters relating to the prevention or amelioration of disease in our midst,
Therefore the community is convinced of the value of our organization In fulfilling these obligations and aims it is my earnest desire that we may all have an honored life a peaceful end and heaven to crown it all.