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Botched abortions at NAF Clinic

Dr. Abraham Alberto Hodari worked at Northland Family Planning Clinic, a National Abortion Federation member in Michigan. He also worked at Womancare Clinic and Detroit Memorial Hospital. He is believed to have performed the fatal abortions on Tamiia Russell and Chivon Williams.

A 1986 suit by Pamela L. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Hodari and/or Dr. Roumell and/or other physicians. She faulted her doctor with failure to properly determine gestational age, failure to remove all of the placenta, and failure to detect the incomplete abortion. Pamela required further hospitalization and surgery. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 86-627445)

Joann B. alleged that she was diagnosed pregnant by Hodari and/or staff at Northland Women’s Medical Center. There was no ultrasound or other verification done to ensure that the positive pregnancy test was accurate. Joann underwent an abortion by Hodari June 17, 1985. She suffered a perforated uterus and permanent injury for which surgical repair was required. After her abortion Joann learned that she had not actually been pregnant. (Oakland County Circuit Court Civil Action No. 86 320211)

Bonita L. alleged that she submitted to an abortion by Hodari on September 5, 1984 at Womancare of Lakewood. Bonita had been 9 weeks pregnant. About 30 minutes post-procedure Bonita experienced bleeding and cramping, for which she was treated with Ergotrate. Bonita experienced shock and continued bleeding, was “ultimately transported to Bon Secours Hospital” where surgery found 3 cm uterine perforation, bleeding right uterine artery, and perforation of her broad ligament, “all perforations being beyond repair.” Bonita’s uterus was removed. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 85-504476)

Christine B. alleged incomplete 1983 abortion at Hodari’s Womancare.

Valerie H. alleged failure to diagnose her ectopic pregnancy in a 1982 abortion by Sasinee Vibhasiri at Woman Care/Detroit Memorial Hospital, and in follow-up by A. Hodari (possibly Abraham Alberto Hodari) at Detroit Memorial Hospital.

Karen W. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Lee Stevenson at the direction of Hodari on September 9, 1980, at Detroit Memorial Hospital. Karen was discharged from the hospital on September 15. She sued for failure to notify her of risks and complications and for an undisclosed injury. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 82-233821-NM)

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