Adolph Buettner

During the second week of February, 1907, housemaid Nellie Walsh, a 28-year-old Irish immigrant, was brought to National Emergency Hospital in Chicago in grave condition from complications of a criminal abortion.

A curettage was performed to try to save her life, but her condition continued to deteriorate. Near mid-month, the doctor told Nellie that there was nothing more that could be done for her, and that she was dying. Head nurse Cora Bachino asked Nellie if she’d like a priest to administer last rites. Nellie answered yes, and a priest was brought to her.

After last rites, Nellie made her dying declaration, naming Dr. Adolph Buettner as her abortionist. Less than an hour later, she died.

BuettnerNonFatalAbortion.pngBuettner was also implicated in an abortion perpetrated in March of 1899 on Helen Smith.