Alicia Ruiz Hanna

Alicia Ruiz HannaabortionistsfemaleIn January of 1993, Angela Sanchez, age 27, went to Clinica Feminina de la Comunidad with two of her four children: 12-year-old Maria, and 2-year-old Victor. Maria and Victor waited for their mother in the lobby. A clinic staffer approached Maria and suggested that she take the car and drive Victor home. Maria protested that she was too young to drive. The children continued to wait for their mother.

At around noon, a staffer took the children to lunch. When they returned to the clinic, Angela’s car was gone, and Maria was told that her mother had gone to another clinic. The children continued to wait, but when their mother failed to appear Maria finally called her uncle, Hemiberto Sanchez, who took them home with him.

By 10:00, Angela’s family was frantic, and Celia took Maria to the clinic to look for the missing woman. When they arrived, they saw Angela’s car. Maria jumped out of her aunt’s pickup truck and ran to the car. There she saw her mother lying on the ground.

Maria asked two women from the clinic, who were standing nearby, what had happened to her mother, and they told her, “She’s dead.” Sobbing, Maria clung to and kissed her mother while the two women from the clinic told Celia that a man had shoved Angela from a car and they were picking her up. One of the women, Alicia Ruiz Hanna, who operated the facility, told Maria that her mother had just come knocking on the door, then collapsed.

Hanna had taken out a business application for the clinic, a limited partnership with noted abortionist Nicholas George Braemer, under the name C.J. Professional Management Co. Braemer said that he’d run the clinic, which he sublet from Hanna, for “four or five months” under the Clinica Feminidad name he’d registered with the medical board. “When I disassociated with the clinic,” he told the //Los Angeles Times//, “I expected my name would go off the door because the name is registered to me,” Braemer said. He said he has made a formal complaint to the Medical Board about the name’s not being changed.[1]

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