Alois Rassmussen

On October 6, 1904, Mrs. Mary Lawson died at Passavant Hospital in Chicago, from complications of a criminal abortion.

Dr. Alois Rassmussen was sentenced to fifteen years at Joliet for the murder, but was able to get a new trial. In this second trial, he was acquitted.

According to the Directory of Deceased American Physicians and Illinois death records, Alois Christian Rasmussen was born on June 24, 1850 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the son of Oler and Elizabeth Gilbert Rassmussen. He graduated from Chicago Homeopathic Medical College in 1889. He took up practice in Chicago in 1890 as an allopath and was married to Edwidge Solwaw. He died at age 77 in Chicago on April 22, 1928 of pneumonia.

Illinois death records