Anna Marie Dimford

Anna Marie Dimfordillegaldoctor, chicago, illinois, 20s, 19101919Twenty-one-year-old Anna Marie Dimford, under the alias Marie Woodruff, died September 29, 1915 at Rhodes Avenue Hospital in Chicago after an abortion evidently perpetrated by Dr. Stanley T. Boguszewski and midwife Julia Statkiewz.

AnnaMarieDimfordChiDailyTrib3Oct1915.pngAnna Marie’s father, Peter Dimford, was a farmer in Kewanee, Illinois. In 1910, Anna’s mother, Maggie, was running a boarding house with four boarders and Anna, then 16 years old, was working as a bore maker in an iron mill to help support her five younger siblings.The family had immigrated from Russia around 1908.

“The girl left the farm for Chicago thirteen months ago and for a long time her parents didn’t know how she earned her livelihood. The last time they heard from her she wrote that she was employed as check girl in a restaurant, her mother said.”

John Harris, a waiter, admitted to being the baby’s father and to having paid $200 for the abortion. He gave the names and addresses of the doctors involved, both of whom fled, one reportedly to Oklahoma and the other to Buffalo.

Dr. Harold M. Weinbert, who attended Anna in her final illness, said she named a Dr. Ness on the West Side as her abortionist. When Weinbert learned of Anna’s condition from Dr. C Hubert Lovewell at the Chicago Medical Society, he failed to notify police. He said he believed it was the hospital’s duty, not his, to do so.

Eventually Dr. Stanley T. Boguszewski and midwife Julia Statkiewz were arrested and charged with murder in Anna Marie’s death. The Chicago Tribune described Boguszewski as “wealthy and active in Polish circles.”


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