Anna Sorenson

Anna Sorensonabortionists, abortionistsfemaleFifty-year-old Dr. Anna Person Sorenson been a very busy woman during 1917. She managed to kill Emelia Gorman in August of 1917, and Margaret Linstrom in November.

The mystery is her role in the death of 25-year old Margaret Crowe . According to the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database, Margaret died in early January, 1918 in Norwegian Deaconess Hospital from Sorenson’s dubious care.

SorensonChiTrib14Nov1917.jpgHowever, Sorenson’s fatal spree was put to an end with her death in prison on November 12, 1917, while awaiting trial. Police suspected that she might have been poisoned, but after an inquest the coroner concluded that she had died of a heart ailment.

I am unable to determine if Margaret languished for so long that she died after Sorenson did, or if the database has the date of her death wrong.

In the Cook County death records, Sorenson’s occupation is listed as “midwife.” She was a native of Sweden, widowed. She was buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery in Cook County.

“Midwife Under Arrest Dies; Poison Inquiry is Begun,” Chicago Tribune, Nov. 4, 1917.