Apollonia Heinle

Apollonia HeinleabortionistsfemaleIn March of 1905, Mrs. Ida Pomering, a 30-year-old German immigrant, died in Chicago from an abortion performed earlier that day. Dr. Apollonia Heinle was held by the coroner’s jury for Ida’s death.

Dr. Appolonia Czarnecki Heinle was born in Germany in 1865, and died in Chicago at the age of 59 on May 20, 1924. In spite of being listed on death records as a physician, Heinle was listed in directories as a midwife, perhaps because female physicians specializing in obstetrics were so frequently referred to as midwives, and she wanted to be easy to locate for potential patients.

An April 29, 1909 article in the Chicago Daily Tribune stating that the Assistant State’s Attorney was declaring a war on midwives (who perpetrate abortions) also identified Heinle as a midwife.