Arnold Bickham

Arnold BickhamabortionistsmaleBickham.jpgIn late December, 1977, 26-year-old leather shop owner Sherry Emry went to Water Tower Reproductive Center in Chicago for a safe and legal abortion. Arnold Bickham, (pictured) who owned the facility, did not have his staff do pathology exams on abortion tissues; instead they threw them away. She died in early January of a ruptured ectopic.

On New Years Eve of 1986, Bickham lacerated the uterus of 18-year-old Sylvia Moore, then shoved her out the door in a wheelchair. She bled to death.

Arnold M. Bickham was born June 8, 1937. He was a 1966 graduate of Meharry Medical College. After the final loss of his medical license he got a degree from Loyola University and became a school principal.