Bel Air Memorial Hospital

Bel Air Memorial HospitalmillsAfter California legalized abortionon demand in 1970, a Texas company began selling abortion referrals and air fare. Twenty-year-old Kathryn Morse was one customer.
Kathryn was admitted to Bel Air Memorial Hospital in LA County on September 1, 1972. (Until Roe v. Wade, California abortions were performed in hospitals, and many hospitals opened specializing in abortion.) John Dupont initiated a salineabortion on her. Kathryn dveloped a 102 degree fever, then expelled the dead baby just after midnight on September 3. Kathryn’s blood pressure rose, she went into shock, and was pronounced dead by Dupot at 9:40 AM. An autopsy found sepsis, and gangrene of the ovary.