Belle Howard

Belle HowardabortionistsfemaleHughrettaBinkleyChiInterOceanMay21_1899.pngHughretta Binkley was an unmarried woman about 34 years old. She worked as a stenographer and typist at Patee Bicycle Company in Peoria. She lived in a boardinghouse owned by George H. Lilly, where she shared a room with Lilly’s daughter.

At lunchtime on the first of April, 1898, she went to the residence/office of Dr.Belle Howard, aka Belle Shotwell, about four blocks from the boarding house.

Belle Howard was the wife of George Howard. An extensive set of stories about her and her abortion charges are here. Also a contemporary account by the doctor who tried to save Hughretta is here.

Dr. Howard’s appeal is here.

A selection of transcribed articles about Dr. Howard can be found here.