Berter Mae Parish

SUMMARY: Berter Mae Parrish died in Georgia on July 18, 1918 after an abortion perpetrated by Dr. C. A. Blanchard.

Dr. C. A. Blanchard of Augusta, Georgia, was charged in the July 18, 1918 abortion death of Berter Mae Parrish of Wrens, Georgia.

Blanchard said that Berter Mae had already been in serious condition when she was brought to his practice. He said he waited a day before treating her for her obvious abortion complications because he didn’t want to make any mistakes in treating her.

It was the next day, he said, that he saw that an operation to finish the abortion was necessary to save her life.

Blanchard said that Berter Mae then was lost to follow-up, though he made many efforts to find her to provide ongoing care. He said that the first he’d known of her death was when police came to arrest him.

I’ve been unable to determine any outcome of the case.


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