C. C. Goodrich

C. C. GoodrichabortionistsfemaleJennie P. Clark’s body was found stuffed into a trunk in Lynn, New York.

Dr. Caroline C. Goodrich, a Boston woman, was arrested as the abortionist. Dr. Kimball, who lived in the same house as Jennie, was arrested as an accessory. Mr. Altin M. Adams, at whose house Jennie worked, was arrested as secondary accessory, as were a mother and daughter living in the house where Jennie had died.

In mid-February, 1879, Jennie left her home in the Highlands. She was seen shortly thereafter going into the home of Dr. Goodrich, which she leased from Dr. James L. Simons, who passed himself off as a dentist but was actually the owner of several abortion mills. The abortion was evidently performed at Goodrich’s practice. She left two days later and went to the home where the mother and daughter cared for her. She delivered her dead fetus and seemed to be on the mend. She took a sudden turn for the worse and died within the week. Dr. Kimball as well as Dr. Goodrich were informed when Jennie’s health started deteriorating, but they didn’t arrive until after her death.

They packed up the body into the trunk, with Goodrich for some reason removing the dead girl’s nose with dental forceps. The next evening, Kimball brought it to Lynn and looked for someplace to dump it. Most of the streams were frozen. He finally tossed it off the Foxbill Bridge into the Saugus River.

Goodrich was born about 1834 in New Hampshire. She went to prison in Jennie’s death, and is listed at the Suffolk County House of Correction in the 1880 census as having an unspecified “debility.”