Emelia Schaffer

Emelia SchafferabortionistsfemaleOn February 28, 1918, 27-year-old Mrs. Catherine Lurandowski died at Chicago’s County Hospital from an abortion perpetrated by Katerine Eichenberg on November 20 of 1917. Eichenberg, whose profession is given only as “abortion provider”, was also noted as “known to police” and operating sometimes under the alias of Ekowski.

On August 6, 1920, 35-year-old Christina Anderson died at Chicago’s County Hospital from a criminal abortion. Midwife Emelia Schaffer was arrested for murder, and a woman named Pearl Freese as an accessory. Schaffer was indicted on August 14, but the case never went to trial.

Schaffer’s deadly practice underscores the need to tighten down laws against abortion so that when Roe falls, incorrigible abortionists can be put behind bars where they can’t do any more damage.