Ephraim Northcott

Ephraim Northcottabortionistsmalenorthcott.jpgDied in San Quentin Prison, like his more notorious nephew, Gordon Stewart Northcott, after being convicted in abortion death of Inez Reed.

According to the Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929, Northcott, born February 7, 1864 in London, Ontario, was an allopath licensed in California in 1905 and in Michigan in 1900. He was an 1894 graduate of the Michigan College of Medicine and Surgery in Detroit.He practiced in Oaklahd, Fruitvale, Colfax, and San Francisco. Unlike Gordon, though, Ephraim was not hanged for his crime. He died of pneumonia on July 1, 1928.

The Northcott brothers were the children of Cyrus Henry and Sarah Louise Northcott.

During his trial, he was listed as a lodger, no longer living with his wife, Edna, at his previous Market Street address.