Frances Murray-Blumauer

Portland, July 8 – To day the Morgue was visited by hundreds of persons, drawn thither through motives of morbid curiosity to look at the body of the young woman who died suddenly yesterday in the office of Mrs. Dr. Murray-Blumauer. Many came in the hope of identifying the girl. Among those calling was a sister of the dead girl, who had no idea whose body lay at the Morgue. She was dreadfully shocked on recognizing the body as that of her sister, Mary Schneller. Her grief was inconsolable for several hours.”

Mary was 23 years old, originally from Middleton, Washington County. The circumstances of her death suggested an abortion. Her doctor, Frances Murray Blumauer, was listed as a physician in Portland directories even after Mary’s death, indicating that she was never held responsible, whether because she was innocent or because she had avoided being convicted of a crime is something I’ve been unable to determine.

Dr. Murray-Blumauer was the wife of Louis Blumauer, founder and presidentof Blumauer Frank Drug Co. in Portland. Mr.Blumauer was known as a successful businessman and as a generous but modest philanthropist. Hs physician-wife cared for him in his final illness and his friends credited her with extending his life. (National Wholesale Druggists Yearbook 1932)