Franklin Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. William J.F. Bullerman ran “a rather mysterious sort of rookery” in Chicago. There, in early November of 1879 police discovered a woman named Elizabeth Foley, aka Sarah Monshan, seriously ill with septicemia. Police suspected that the abortion had probably been perpetrated by Dr. Franklin Brooks, “who, a few years ago, was awarded six years at Joliet for abortion.” Elizabeth’s sister, Mary Monshan, was also held as an accessory.

However, even after getting out of Joliet for abortion, and after Elizabeth’s death, continued to practice in Chicago. On December 22, 1891, a Swedish girl named Tillie Thom was found dead from an abortion at Brooks’ office in Chicago.

Brooks, an allopath, had been born around 1824 or 1832 in Massachusetts, the son of Betsy Brooks. He died in Chicago on November 2, 1904, at the age of 80, evidently still a physician in good standing since his death was reported among other doctors’ deaths in the Medical Review of Reviews.