Fraud, Crime and Tax Evasion

Fraud, Crime, and Tax Evasion
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Not always safe, not always legal

What abortionists don’t want you to know about what really goes on inside abortion clinics – especially if you’re prochoice.

Help for clinic workers who want to report fraud, crime, abuse, tax evasion, unsafe practices, etc.

**The Abortion Kickbacks**
An old story, but it shows how long the corruption has been there.

George Tiller’s Labor Relations Problem
A former employee of abortionist George Tiller alleges fraud and unfair labor practices.

**Incompetence and Callous Disregard**
An overview of the Abortion Crime Report.

**John Baxter Hamilton**
Abortionist convicted in the brutal Valentines Day slaying of his wife.

Bum Steir
California abortionist Bruce Steir charged with murder after sending hemorrhaging patient home to die.

**Abortion Violence Map**
A visual overview of acts of violence by abortion supporters.

**Comparison Between Violent and Illegal Activities Committed by Pro-Abortionists and Pro-Lifers**
Which is the bigger problem?

Summary of violent and non-violent crimes by abortion workers.

**News Archive**
An up-to-date set of links to articles about crimes by abortion workers.

**Groups Caught Harboring Pedophiles**
Press release summarizing Life Dynamics’ findings.

**Digging for Dirt on Abortionists**
A guide to finding out what’s going on inside your local abortion facility.

**Peeking into an Abortionist’s Fridge**
Public record documents reveal crime and various nastiness.

**The Voodoo Abortionists**
Abortionist Judith Comeau-Samuel confesses, blames voodoo husband.

**Pravin Thakkar, Anti-Choice Abortionist**
Impregnates patients, performs forced abortions.

**Alice in Dadeland**
Meet the felonious Easons, who ran one of Miami’s most notorious abortion mills.

**The Death of Creepy Kenny**
The murdered abortion worker pro-choicers ignore