George F. Slater

GeorgeSlater.pngGeorge SlaterIn June of 1927, 20-year-old Anna Mae Smith underwent an abortion at the Chicago office of Dr. George F. Slater. The next day, Anna died there from complications.

In November of 1925, 23-year-old Helen Bain, nee Ingersol, died in Chicago from complications of a criminal abortion performed that day. Dr. George Slater was arrested that month for Helen’s death. Slater was indicted by a grand jury for homicide in May of 1926.

Dr. Slater, upon learning of Anna Mae’s death, committed suicide at his home by taking poison.

George Franklin Slater, an allopath, was born February 18, 1875, in Fort Wayne, Indiana,the elder son of Joseph and Christine Slater. He graduated from the Fort Wayne College of Medicine in 1896.

Slater very nearly did not live to practice medicine. In 1895, he suffered a serious slash on his arm during a fall while speed skating. The wound got infected and sepsis set in. He was expected to die, but rallied and regained his health.

SlaterFortWayneSentinel20Feb1901.pngFort Wayne News, Feb. 20, 1901
He got into some trouble in 1901, when he was arrested in Chicago and fined “for trying to induce a fifteen-year-old girl to elope with him.

SlaterFortWayneNews22Feb1895.pngFort Wayne News, Feb. 22, 1895