George Lotz

George Lotzabortionists, abortionistsmaleOn June 25, 1911, 20-year-old Mrs. Anna L. Mueller died from a criminal abortion performed by Dr. George Lotz. Lotz was arrested July 5. He was indicted for felony murder. There is no record that he served time for the crime, but Leslie Reagan indicates that he was expelled from the Chicago Medical Society after admitting guilt in Anna’s death.

Matilda Tidrick, a homemaker and wife of a cook, was taken to a hospital in Danville, Illinois, where she was operated on by Dr. George Lotz. He called in other doctors “who assisted until they learned the nature of the case.” Matilda died in spite of the surgery, along with her unborn child. The autopsy found that both had died from the results of an attempted abortion. Lotz, who was held without bail, “admitted … that he was guilty, and had been arrested for the same offense at Chicago and ‘paid the price.'”

Lotz was born March 14, 1863 in Baltimore, Maryland, third of the eight children of of Ludwig and Margaret Lotz. He married Ada May Blodgett while living in Pennsylvania, and died in Chicago on his 70th birthday, March 14, 1933.