George Wayne Patterson

George Wayne PattersonabortionistsmaleThe death certificate indicates that Janyth Caldwell, age 36, died in February of 1986, a month after George Wayne Patterson attempted to perform a safe and legal abortion on her.

The Alabama state Medical Examiner attributed her death to loss of oxygen to the brain, due to internal hemorrhaging from an ectopic pregnancy.

A proper pre-abortion examination should be able to determine if the pregnancy is ectopic, in which case standard abortion techniques will not touch the embryo. Proper post-abortion pathology reports would detect that no embryo was removed from the uterus, and would clue the abortionist in to the fact that the pregnancy was ectopic. Patterson evidently missed both of these opportunities to detect Janyth’s ectopic pregnancy and prevent her death.

According to official documents, another Alabama woman, Mary Bradley, died after an abortion performed by a doctor identified as Wayne Patterson.

Patterson himself also suffered an early death at somebody else’s hands. He was gunned down outside a pornography theater in an apparent gangland slaying. (The Feminist Majority Foundation, and //Revolutionary Worker// refer to the slain doctor as “Wayne Patterson”, which is further evidence that he is the same doctor responsible for Mary Bradley’s death. The fact that this organization laments the gangland shooting of an abortionist, while ignoring the fact that he himself had evidently killed two women, underscores where the prochoice movement’s priorities are.)

George Wayne Patterson was born December 28, 1948, in Alabama, and was shot to death outside his car, parked near a bar in a red-light district, on August 21, 1993.