German American Hospital

German American HospitalhospitalsGermanAmericanHospital.jpgIn July of 1907, homemaker Madeline Paffrath, wife of L. Paffrath died at German American Hospital in Chicago. She was approximately 21 years old. The coroner’s jury determined that she had died from an abortion. They held two midwives — Alice Rastone and Hacrone Schuetner — responsible. Another woman, Alice F. Gustafson, whose profession is given as “abortion provider” was also arrested.

In February of 1911, 47-year-old homemaker Elizabeth Martin died at German American Hospital in Chicago from sepsis caused by of an abortion perpetrated at 1310 Eddy Street. Mrs. Schutner, identified as a midwife (which means she might have been an obstetrician) was held by the Coroner’s Jury and indicted, but the case never went to trial.

In March of1915, 40-year-old homemaker Emma Jonas died at Chicago’s German American Hospital after an abortion perpetrated by Cecelia Styskal. Though Styskal was arrested and held by the Coroner, the case never went to trial.

German American Hospital was rocked by a scandal in 1915 when Dr. Harry John Haiselden, Chief of Surgery, practiced eugenics by refusing necessary surgery to babies born with disabilities.

German American Hospital was re-named Grant Hospital during the first World War.