Gladys Anderson

SUMMARY: Gladys Anderson, age 18, died March 31, 1930 after an abortion charged to Dr. Thomas M. Eade of Champaign, Illinois.

Gladys Louise Anderson, 18-year-old student at the University of Illinois, died on March 31, 1930 after an abortion. Dr. Thomas M. Eade of Champaign, Illinois, was charged with murder in her death as well as in the death that same day of Cleo Hinton.

After the abortion, Gladys took ill and was admitted to a hospital in Champaign, where two doctors struggled to provide her with life-saving care. When they realized that she was dying, they notified the authorities.

Gladys made a deathbed statement in which she named Robert Cathcart of Chicago, a junior at the university, as her baby’s father. She insisted that Robert had known nothing about the abortion. However, during the inquest, Robert admitted that the two of them had made the plans together.

The couple at met at the university, where Robert was studying commerce and Gladys was studying liberal arts and sciences. Robert withdrew from school at the end of the first semester, returning to his home in Chicago. Gladys also went to Chicago, staying with her parents over the weekend of March 8 while she and Robert discussed what to do about the pregnancy. He said that they agreed that they were too young to marry and that Robert was in no position to support a wife and child. Gladys, they decided, should return to Champaign and arrange for Eade to perform the abortion.

Gladys was the daughter of Leroy and Lonne (Hoffman) Anderson of Urbana City.



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