Guy E. Brewer

Guy E. Brewerabortionists, abortionistsmaleGuyBrewerHeadshot.pngAbortionist Dr. Guy BrewerOn June 7, 1935, Dr. Guy E. Brewer, a 53-year-old bachelor, pleaded guilty to six counts of manslaughter for the deaths of six women who died from complications of abortions he had perpetrated. He was sentenced to serve six consecutive four-year terms. He spent his incarceration working in the prison hospital.

Brewer was a quiet, small-town doctor in Garber, Oklahoma. New coverage noted, “Until today, Dr. Brewer had never been arraigned on any of the charges that have been accumulating since he was arrested April 30.”

“The bald physician, famous for his philanthropics in giving scores of boys and girls college educations, was silent throughout the brief, dramatic procedure.”

His proteges referred to him as a “sweet grouch,” and young men from around the United States, China, and Argentina flooded to provide a defense fund and letters of praise. He was still supporting 40 boys at school at the time of his arrest, maintaining three houses for them to live in and allowing five high school boys to live at his home.

Brewer had graduated from the University of Louisville in 1906 and had been practicing medicine in Garber for 21 of the 29 years he had been a physician. He was so popular that when one victim’s husband reported her death to the police, his employer retaliated by firing him.

Hermoine Fowler, a 20-year-old coed, died in June of 1934, nine days after an abortion perpetrated by Brewer.

Ruby Ford died in April of 1934, 11 days after an abortion committed in March “at the combination bachelor dwelling and office of Dr. Brewer in Garber.

BrewerFourYears.pngMrs. Doris Jones, a 20-year-old mother of two, died in April of 1935 from complications of a criminal abortion.

The other victims were Mrs. Wanda Lee Gray, 20, of Enid; Mrs. Myrtle Rose, 21, of Ponca City; and Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw, 23, of Roxanna. They appeared to have died in early June of 1935.

Brewer was sentenced to six four-year sentences, to run concurrently, for six abortion deaths.


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