Hazel Hadicke

SUMMERY: On December 16, 1923 19-year-old Hazel Hadicke died in Wichita after an abortion perpetrated by Dr. Charles C. Keester.

On December 7, 1923, 19-year-old Hazel Marie Hadicke of Arkansas City, Kansas, checked into a Wichita hotel. She remained in the room almost constantly and died under the care of Dr. Charles C. Keester on December 16. He attributed her death to heart disease. Abortion was certainly suspected, since Keester had already been implicated in the abortion death of Hattie Myers in 1922.

Other abortion deaths attributed to Keester:

HazelHadickeEmporiaKSGazette18Dec1923.png“Probe Death of Girl,” Emporia (KS) Gazette, Dec. 18, 1923