Henrietta Apple

On September 15, 1902, Mrs. Henrietta Appel, age 31, died in New York from an abortion perpetrated by midwife Lena Schott (pictured).

The police had been notified about the abortion by Henrietta’s husband, Samuel, while she was on her deathbed. Henrietta admitted the abortion to the authorities and indicated that her husband had not known about it.

When police went to arrest Schott, they had to break into the home, and found Schott in the basement. She attacked the arresting officer, Captain Elbert O. Smith, nearly tearing off his uniform and pinning him on the floor until other officers could restrain her.

After her arrest, Schott admitted that she had treated Henrietta.

Schott had also been implicated in the fatal abortion of Nellie Ryan in 1898.


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