Irene Timmons

SUMMARY: Irene Timmons, age 24, died May 12, 1946 after an abortion perpetrated by Seattle sanitarium operator Margaret Folsom.

MarjorieFolsom.jpgMarjorie Folsom
According to “When Abortion was Illegal (and Deadly): Seattle’s Maternal Death Toll,” Seattle Civil Rights & Labor History Project:

The Kingston housewife [Irene Timmons] was the second woman to die as a result of a procedure performed by Margaret Folsom. According to the brief article, Folsom who was out on bail for the Mary Johnson fatality, operated on Mrs. Timmons on May 8 and “the woman died four days later.” Police charged that Folsom had established a new office “set up as an abortion mill” since her arrest two months earlier. It is not clear what happened to this case.

The Project cites a May 17, 1946 article in the Seattle Times. I have been unable to learn anything else about Irene’s death.