J. Murney Nicholson

J. Murney Nicholsonillegalabortion, MatildaKleinschmidt, chicago, 1930s, abortionistsmaleOn September 9, 1930, 20-year-old telephone operator Matilda C. Kleinschmidt underwent a criminal abortion, believed to have been performed in the office of Dr. James Murney Nicholson.

Matilda died on September 21. On September 22, Nicholson was held by the coroner for murder. John C. Ross was held as an accessory. Nicholson was indicted for felony murder in Matilda’s death. The following year he left for Hawaii and the Philippines, thence to California, returning to Chicago by 1940.

Nicholson was born July 20, 1877 in Muskegon, Michigan, to Harry Patrick and Anne Mae Eggert Nicholson. He had relocated to Chicago by 1904. He died in Chicago on June 23, 1946 at the age of 68.