Jackie Smith Lebanon PA

The Lebanon Daily News of Jacqueline Smith’s home town of Lebanon, Pennsylvania ran amok with coverage of her life and death, They printed pictures of her family home, her apartment building, her desk at work, her mother’s physician, her high school English teacher showing off Jackie’s art work, and a high school friend modeling a scarf Jackie had designed. They even printed some of her high school poetry: Mental Meandering

With spring that compelling urge comes back
To stray far away from my native lair,
To hear a train skim over a track,
Or the whirr of propellers slicing the air,

To cross the seas on an ocean liner,
To London, Paris, Lisbon and Rome;
Right now I can think of anything finer
Than going as far as I can from my home.

The lure of the unknown has my hand,
The unknown, as full of mystery,
Strange people in a distant land,
About which I read in history.

Oh well, I know these dreams will be past;
And I’ll be content to loll on a beach
When spring to summer turns at last
And all I want is within my reach.

JackieSmithHeadshot.pngJacqueline L. Smith
Ode to a TV Set

TV, you wicked little monster.
You try so hard to be a funster.
People once passed the time of day
With books and records, work and play;
But since you’ve taken over the house,
I must be quieter than a mouse.
My, I wonder how daylight looks
And if publishers still print books.
Because of you I’ve lost all my friends;
I watch Berle, who to culture nothing lends.
TV, from your silly witticisms,
From puppets to movies, I can’t tear away —
You little monster, you’re here to stay.

I’ve provided two complete and one partial newspaper page, right, so that you can get a feel for it. On one single day, the Lebanon Daily News devoted nearly three full pages to pictures and articles about Jackie and her family. Separate articles and pictures are also provided below. Click to enlarge.

Click here for more background on Jackie Smith and Thomas Daniel.

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