Jackie Smith News Photos

Coverage of the Jacqueline Smith abortion death was so extensive that the news clippings need to be broken down into separate pages. This page is dedicated to photos published with news accounts about the case. Click to enlarge.

For the coverage about Jackie printed by her local paper, click here. Click here for more background on Jackie Smith and Thomas Daniel.

Thomas Daniel Head Shot.jpg

Jackie Smith Boyfriend Apartment.jpgThe New York apartment building where Thomas Daniel and Leobaldo Pejuan finished cutting up Jacqueline Smith’s body before disposing of the pieces in trash cans all over the neighborhood

PijuanandMoralesPictop.pngPejuan and Morales do the perp walk. Morales was cleared of wrongdoing.

Jackie Smith Michael Bacalos.jpgMichael Bacalos, friend of Thomas Daniel, after questioning

Thomas Daniel Photo.jpg

Jackie Smith Personal Belongings.jpg


Jackie Smith Detective in Charge.jpgDetective Chief Inspector Edward Burns of NYPD, who oversaw Jacqueline Smith abortion case.

DanielPijuanpic.pngThomas Daniel and Leobaldo Pijuan

Thomas Daniel Hand to Face.jpg

Leo Pejean Thomas Daniel.jpg

Daniel Pejuan Looks Like Mug Shots.jpg