Johanna White

Johanna Whiteabortionistsfemale”How Mrs. Seifred was Killed by Female Quacks — The Verdict of a Jury” reads the subhead on a December, 1874 edition of The Brooklyn Eagle. The paper was covering the coroner’s inquest into the recent death of Mrs. Christine Seifred. Christine had been unfaithful to her husband when he was away in Europe, and when he returned and learned of the pregnancy, he left her. Christine went to a midwife, Mrs. Johanna White, “whose den is at No. 99 Station street, when an operation was performed, from the effects of which both the woman and the child died.”

In November of 1876, 19-year-old Mary Hermann (or Heinemann) died at New York’s Mount Sinai hospital from an abortion attributed to White.

Immediately after an abortion perpetrated by White in May of 1876, Matilda Baringer developed peritonitis and died.