John M. Klinck

On March 8, 1920, 33-year-old Christine Hetland died at Chicago’s Swedish Covenant Hospital, from an abortion believed to have been perpetrated by Dr. John McClellan Klinck. He and a man named Carl Blomgren were held by the coroner but both cases were stricken off.

Klinck.pngKlinck was born August 10, 1871, and died October 27, 1929 in Los Angeles. He was an allopath, licensed in Illinois in 1907 after graduating Barnes Medical College of St. Louis in 1905.

His passport application indicates that Klinck was 5’10”, with blue eyes, a medium complexion, and dark gray hair. Interestingly enough, while his passport application says he was born in Chicago, other sources indicate he was born in Canada.