Julio B. Acosta

Julio B. Acostabotchedabortion, abortionistsmaleBotched Abortions at NAF Clinic

Dr. Julio B. Acosta worked at Northland Family Planning Clinic, a National Abortion Federation member in Detroit, Michigan. He has since allowed his license to lapse and moved to California.

Tracy C. alleged that she underwent an abortion on January 8, 1983, performed by Julio Acosta and/or another doctor at Northland. She was diagnosed as nine weeks pregnant. The doctor administered local anesthesia, but Tracy suffered severe pain during the procedure. While in recovery, Tracy experienced continued pain, and vomited, but was released from the facility. Tracy suffered pain, cramps, bleeding and vomiting for three days. She consulted the clinic on January 11, 1983, and was prescribed Phenaphen. Tracy suffered cervicitis, endometritis, and salpingitis, and she required a repeat D&C, laparoscopy, and lysing procedures. Because of need for such corrective treatment, Tracy’s family learned of the abortion, causing her embarrassment and humiliation. (Oakland County Circuit Court Case No. 85-288439)

Janet Y. alleged that she’d been referred May 1, 1982 by Comprehensive Health Services of Detroit for an abortion by Acosta at Northland Family Planning Clinic. Janey reported for her abortion on May 18. She faulted Acosta with failure to determine gestational age, and failure to refer her to an appropriately skilled practitioner. During the abortion, Acosta perforated Janet’s uterus, causing acute pelvic peritonitis. Janet required a complete abdominal hysterectomy. She sued Acosta for failure to provide post-operative care to treat her hemorrhaging, and failure to hospitalize her. Instead, the clinic had kept Janet several hours in the recovery room without aid. Janet also faulted Acosta with unlawfully performing second-trimester abortion in an outpatient setting. (Oakland County Circuit Court Case No. 83-258420-NM)

A suit filed on behalf of minor Brenda M. alleged that Brenda had been referred to Acosta by Northland Family Planning Clinic July 18, 1977. She suffered numerous uterine perforations and retained tissue, leading to massive infection, peritonitis, subsequent hospitalization and hysterectomy. The suit faulted Acosta with failure to inform Brenda’s mother of the risks to her daughter. It also faulted him with failure to use general anesthesia as necessitated by Brenda’s fear and possible reactions to the procedure, failing to determine if all tissues had been removed, and failure to hospitalize Brenda as needed to treat her complications. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 78 803522NM)
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