Late Abortion

Is the world of late abortion (close to or after viability) a world of compassionate providers of vital reproductive services a la, say, LeRoy Carhart? Or is it the purview of the Kermit Gosnells?

Let’s look at the stories of women and girls that lost their lives in these late abortions and see.

Christin Gilbert, a 19-year-old woman with Down syndrome, was brought from Texas to George Tiller’s Wichita abortion facility for a presumably safe and legal late abortion in January of 2005. Christin was legally incompetent, unable to give her consent. She was placed under the care of prochoice hero LeRoy Carhart, who had her spend most of the abortion process in a nearby hotel under the care of her parents. She ended up dead from multiple organ failure brought on by massive infection.

Jennifer McKenna-Morbelli, age 29, and her husband, Timothy James “TJ” Morbelli, had eagerly anticipated the birth of their baby, named Madison Leigh. However, because of a prenatal diagnosis, Jennifer, accompanied by her parents, husband, and sister traveled from New Rochelle, New York to LeRoy Carhart’s late-term abortion facility in Germantown, Maryland in early February, 2013. Madison was 33 weeks gestational age.

Denise Montoya was fifteen years old when her parents brought her to Women’s Pavillion in Houston for an abortion in May, 1988. Denise was 25 weeks pregnant. The abortion was performed by Douglas Karpen, an osteopath.

In mid-April, 1998, 33-year-old Lou Ann Herron bled to death after a late abortion at the now defunct A-Z Women’s Center. She was between 24 and 26 weeks pregnant when John Biskind did the abortion.