Leopold Pijan

On October 1, 1914, eighteen-year-old Lillie Giovenco died at Wesley Hospital in Chicago from complications of a criminal abortion.

Dr. Eva Shaver, Dr. Leopold Pijan, and Dr. John Fernow were held by the coroner in Lillie’s death.

The coroner concluded that the fatal abortion had been preformed on September 5 in a medical facility that my source describes as “Abortion place”.

The involvement of Leopold Pijan raised an interesting question to me. A man identified as a “scrub nurse” named Leobaldo Pejuan was sentenced in the 1955 abortion death of Jacqueline Smith in New York.

The similarity of names, however, is purely coincidental. Our New York scrub nurse was from a large extended family in Puerto Rico that appears to be in no way connected to the Pijan family in Chicago.

Leopold Henry Pijan was born Jul. 12, 1878 in either Germany (according to his naturalization and census records) or Poland (according to his draft cards). He arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, in Apr. of 1888, and was naturalized as a citizen in Chicago on Apr. 3, 1905. He married Emma M. Mengel in Chicago on Oct. 19, 1914, and they had a daughter, Margaret, who might have herself become a physician.