Loren Franklin

Loren Franklin, age 19, of Buffalo, Missouri, died in August of 1924 in Wichita, Kansas. An inquest was held to verify if Dr. Charles C. Keester had perpetrated a fatal abortion on her. A tentative date of death is August 4.

Keester had already been implicated in the abortion deaths of Hattie Myers, age 19, March, 1922; and Hazel Hadicke, age 19, December, 1923.

The same month that Loren died, Keester was implicated in the abortion death of “Bonnie,” age 18.

He would go on to be convicted in the February 28, 1930 abortion death of Rena Armstrong, age 17.

LorenFranklinHutchinsonKSNews13Aug1924.png“Inquest Delayed,” Hutchinson (KS) News, Aug. 13, 1924