Maria Janke

Maria Jankeabortionists, abortionistsfemaleOn March 5, 1900, Mrs. Alice Koester died in German Hospital from complications of an illegal abortion that the Homicide in Chicaho Interactive Database indicates was performed there that day by Maria Janke. The database is often in error about abortions being perpetrated in hospitals. Alice’s fatal abortion was more likely performed either at her own home or at wherever Janke typically piled her abortion trade.

Janke was arrested March 10, and held by Coroner’s Jury on March 11. She was sentenced by Judge Clifford to Joliet Penitentiary. Janke’s employment status is listed as “professional”, but so far I have been unable to determine her usual profession. Most Chicago abortionists were doctors or midwives, but since I have not found a professional listing for her, she was more likely a professional lay abortionist.