Maria Santiago

SUMMARY: Maria Santiago, age 38, died February 13, 2014 from an abortion performed by Iris Dominy at Associates in OB/GYN Care, Baltimore, MD

Operation Rescue has done some excellent research into the death of 38-year-old Maria Santiago, an abortion patient at Associates in OB/GYN Care, a seedy Baltimore abortion facility located in a residential condominium complex.

According to an inspection conducted by the Maryland Department of Health, Maria was 12.5 weeks pregnant. The abortionist, Iris Dominy, told the inspector that Maria slept through her abortion, after which Dominy left the room. An unqualified worker, occupied with filling out paperwork, was left alone with the still-sedated patient, who was lying on the abortion table.

At some point, the worker called for a second worker to help her dress the unconscious patient and move her to the recovery area. The second worker noticed that Maria was pale and not breathing.

Dominy was notified and returned to the procedure room where she sat the unconscious patient up and began a “sternum rub,” an appropriate test to see if a patient is responsive but totally useless for telling if a sedated patient is breathing.

No one at the facility, including Dominy, had current CPR certification. A crash cart in the hallway was not used and the defibrillator was broken. Somebody, however, did call 911. Paramedics were able to revive Maria, who was transported her to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead two days later.

Maria’s death certificate showed she died from Severe Pulmonary Edema, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and Hypoxia Brain Injury. No one knows how long she was not breathing before CPR was begun.Inspectors concluded that staff failed to provide proper post-anesthesia care and observation.

The operating license of that facility was suspended after state inspectors determined that it posed a danger to the public. The Medical Board suspended Dominy’s license. for working in a facility that endangered patients’ lives by allowing unqualified staff to perform ultrasounds, evaluate patients, and administer medication without the doctor first examining the patient and determining if the medication was appropriate.

For more information, including background and follow-up information on the facility and abortionists involved, read the extensively-researched “Abortionist responsible for 38-yr-old woman’s death receives light sentence,” on LifeSite News.