Mary Ann Haurtrauft

SUMMARY: Mary Ann Haurtrauft died in 1870 after an abortion perpetrated by John S. Yundt in Naperville, Illinois.

John S. Yundt was indicted for manslaughter in the abortion death of Mary Ann Haurtrauft in Naperville, Dupage County, Illinois in or around 1870.

IRS records show a physician named John S. Yundt living in Illinois in 1864. There are only a few John S. Yundts living in Illinois at the time, with records of a John Jacob Simone Yundt who died in 1878 in Naperville, IL and a John J. Yundt living in Naperville in 1860. This makes it possible that the John Yundt indicted for Mary Ann’s death was a physician.

At the March term, 1870, of the DuPage circuit court, John S. Yundt, plaintiff in error, was indicted for the crime of manslaughter, in unlawfully causing the death of one Mary Ann Hartrunft. It is alleged in the indictment that the deceased was “pregnant and quick with child,” and the accused, by the unlawful act of producing an abortion on her person, with a sharp instrument which he used for that purpose, caused a sickness to ensue, from which she subsequently died, and so ; the grand jurors present that he is guilty of manslaughter, in j causing her death in the manner alleged. The cause was tried at the October term, 1872, and plaintiff in error was found guilty, and sentenced to the penitentiary for the period of three years.”

Yundt won on appeal.

Untitled clipping, Chicago Tribune, November 9, 1872