Moshe Hachamovitch

HachamovitchHeadShot.pngMoshe Hachamovitch, originally licensed in New York in 1966, was a 1960 graduate of Hadassah Medical School of the Hebrew University Of Jerusalem. He did a residency in ob/gyn at Bronx Municipal Hospital Center during 1965 through 1969, and had a fellowship 1969/70 at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx Municipal Hospital Center. He became ABMS Board Certified in ob/gyn.

His Arizona license was revoked in 2004 for unprofessional conduct (gross negligence, knowingly making false/fraudulent statements to the board, and failing/refusing to maintain adequate records).

Six abortion patients are known to have died either under Hachamovitch’s direct care or under the care of an employe at one of his clinics.

Tanya Williamson
This young woman was inadequately monitored in recovery and allowed to lapse into respiratory arrest. She died on September 7, 1996

Luz Rodriguez
Allowed to bleed to death in 1986 under Hachamovitch’s direct care in the Bronx.

Jammie Garcia
Fifteen-year-old Jammie died a horrible death after her safe, legal abortion at one of Hachamovitch’s facilities in Texas in 1994.

Christina Goesswein
Hachamovitch brought her to his office at 4 a.m. to treat grave complications.She died on October 19, 1990.

Lisa Bardsley
Bled to death on the way home from her safe, legal abortion at one of Hachamovitch’s facilities in Arizona in 1995.

Lou Anne Herron
Her pleas for help went unheeded as she bled to death in Hachamovitch’s Arizona abortion clinic in 1998.