Mrs. John Orme

SUMMARY: Mrs. John Orme died in her Chicago home on February 23, 1906 after an abortion perpetrated by Dr. George Fosberg.

GeorgeFosberg.pngDr. George FosbergDr. George F. Fosberg of 5213 Kimbark Avenue in Chicago admitted to having performed an abortion on the 26-year-old wife of John Orme. Mrs. Orme died in her home at 155 Fifty-Fourth Place on February 23, 1906.

Fosberg insisted that he’d performed the abortion because it was necessary to save Mrs. Orme’s life. He said that he’d instructed her family to take her to a hospital and when they refused to do so he refused to provide further care.

Two other doctors were also in some way involved in the case, but the source does not make clear how.

Fosberg evidently avoided major legal problems, since he was free in 1916 to be implicated in the abortion death of Pauline Hill. For reasons I’ve been unable to determine, that case never went to trial. Fosberg lost his license to practice medicine after being convicted of bank fraud. After his release from prison he opened a boarding house, where he perpetrated a fatal abortion on Geraldine Schuyler in 1944.


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