Nadine DuPont

I originally learned about the January 21, 1984 death of 24-year-old Nadine DuPont from a picture of sign held by a pro-life activist. Since pro-life activists tend to find original source documents for their assertions, I was able to get a copy of the lawsuit filed by Nadine’s survivors from Cheryl Sullinger of Michigan Right to Life.

It turns out that though Nadine died from complications of a perforated uterus during a suction D&C, the procedure was performed to remove a molar pregnancy, which is a condition in which a fetus does not develop, but instead the uterus fills with globular clumps of cells.

The confusion related to the cause of Nadine’s death probably is due to the fact that a year prior to the fatal D&C, Nadine had undergone an elective abortion.