Northland Family Planning Clinic

NAF Clinic has history of malpractice

Northland Family Planning is a National Abortion Federation member with several clinics in Michigan.

Cherly S. alleged that she underwent an abortion at Northland’s clinic in Romulus on July 29, 1983. She was 6-10 weeks pregnant. The doctor told Cherly that her abortion was successful, but there was no fetal tissue upon gross examination. A pathologist diagnosed decidua and other tissues but no fetal fragments. Cherly repeatedly contacted the clinic to report lack of menses, but was assured “there was nothing to worry about.” She sought care elsewhere on November 9, and was diagnosed 5-6 months pregnant. Her infant girl was born March 7, 1984. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 84-421422-NM)

Tracy C. alleged injury after a 1983 abortion by Julio Acosta and/or another doctor at Northland.

Suit by Janey Yancey alleged hysterectomy after 1982 abortion by Julio Acosta at Northland. See Julio B. Acosta.

LaDonna C. alleged hysterectomy after 1982 abortion at Northland by Enricque Gerbi and/or Chinshuh Chen.

Carol R. alleged that she was sold a 1981 abortion by Enrique Gerbi at Northland when she was not pregnant.

Toni B. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Dr. Finkelstein March 14, 1981, at Northland Family Planning Clinic. The abortion failed to kill the fetus. Toni delivered an infant by C-section on November 11, 1981. (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 83-307983-NM)

A suit filed on behalf of minor Brenda M. alleged hysterectomy after 1977 abortion by J.B. Acosta.

Joann B. alleged injury in 1985 abortion by A. Alberto Hodari at Northland’s Oak Park clinic when she was not in fact pregnant.

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