Norwegian American Hospital

Norwegian American HospitalhospitalsNorwegianAmericanHospital.jpgIn late December, 1923, 26-year-old Helen Koss underwent an illegal abortion somewhere in Chicago. In early January, 1924, she died at Norwegian American Hospital of complications. Midwife Mrs. Emma Morch was arrested, and indicted for homicide by a grand jury.

Norwegian American Hospital (pictured) was founded by the Norwegian Lutheran Tabitha Society of Chicago and was dedicated in 1894 as Norwegian Lutheran Hospital. The name was changed to Norwegian American Hospital in 1917, when a 100-bed South Wing was added. In 1929, the original 50-bed hospital was razed and a new building constructed. In 1930 a new five-story building was added, increasing capacity to 300 patients.external image histor5.jpg