Norwegian Deaconess Hospital

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Margaret Crowe, age 25, died from Dr. Anna Sorenson’s dubious care at Chicago’s Norwegian Deaconess Hospital in early January, 1918.

In early March, 1916, 43-year-old Augusta Bloom died at Chicago’s Norwegian Deaconess Hospital from complications of an abortion perpetrated that day by Dr. James R. Struble at his office.

In mid-September, 1926, 23-year-old Mary Bailek, a native of Poland, died at Chicago’s Lutheran Deaconnes Hospital from complications of a criminal abortion performed at her home that day.

Norwegian Deaconess Hospital was founded in 1893 by laywomen of the Lutheran Church, and opened its doors in 1897, along with a Christian home also founded by the Deaconess Society. As a religious charity hospital, it’s unlikely that this hospital would tolerate an abortionist under its roof, so Margaret was almost certainly injured elsewhere.