Otto C. Lucy

Otto C. LucyabortionistsmaleOttoLucy.jpgOn July 17, 1941, Goldie Crow, wife of Oklahoma City milk truck driver Albert Crow, died of peritonitis from a criminal abortion performed July 2 by Otto Castro Lucy.

Lucy was a 37-year-old psychologist (sometimes identified in news sources as a psychiatrist) and teacher, had previously been dean of men at Central State College. He performed the fatal abortion on Goldie while he was out on bail pending trial for the abortion death of Mary Ellen Legge.

Lucy had been born in Indian Territory in Oklahoma in about 1902, and had a wife, Lillie. He died in January of 1967. Though he was not a licensed physician, he is listed in the phone book as “Dr. Otto C. Lucy.”

Photo courtesy of Gateway to Oklahoma History