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Diane Boyd
Nineteen-year-old Diane was pregnant after being raped in the institution where she lived; she died from drugs administered for an abortion.

Latachie Veal
Not only did the clinic insist that her heavy bleeding was normal, sending her home to die, but her death wasn’t even counted as an abortion death by the CDC

Nichole Williams
This mother of three died from a first-trimester abortion

Woman in coma after surgery at Planned Parenthood
It looks as if our boy Bobby has struck again, this time during a tubal ligation gone wrong.

Robert Dale Crist was born Mar. 5, 1936. His license in Missouri was revoked on Jul. 21, 2004 due to failure to pay state taxes; it was reinstated on Sept, 29 of that year.

A graduate of the University of Kansas, he was originally licensed in Missouri on Sept. 21, 1976.


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