Sheila Watley

Sheila Watley30s, texas, 1980s, embolismSUMMARY: Sheila Watley, age 31, died December 29, 1987 after an abortion performed by Richard Cunningham at Concerned Women’s Center in Houston, TX.

On December 29, 1987, 31-year-old Sheila Yvonne Hall Watley had a safe, legal abortion at Concerned Women’s Center in Houston, Texas. She was 17 weeks pregnant, and had one child. The abortion was performed byDr. Richard Cunningham.

About four minutes into the procedure, Sheila went into cardio-respiratory arrest. She was pronounced dead later that day.

The cause of death was listed as an amniotic fluid embolism, which is when fluid from the uterus gets into the woman’s blood stream.

From a search on information about Cunningham’s license, a lawsuit was filed against him that might have pertained to Sheila’s death; the case in question was dismissed, according to information Cunningham gave the Texas medical board.

Source: Harris County (TX) District Court Case, 89-16100; online search of Texas medical board records