Sidney Knight

Sidney Champenois Knight was facing a number of criminal abortion charges in 1973, when Roe v. Wade made them a moot point. He hung out his shingle and began performing abortions legally.

In March of 1974, Janet Blaum went to Knight’s New Orleans facility for a safe and legal abortion. Five days later, on March 11, she was dead of brain hemorrhage.

Janet’s ex-husband sued Knight on behalf of the couple’s children, alleging that Knight had administered a fatal dose of anesthesia while preparing Janet for the abortion.

Knight was first licensed to practice medicine in 1957, and was licensed to practice medicine in Louisiana until .December 31, 1993.

In an article in Cosmo, a patient praises him to the skies. I’m not sure if the woman knows or cares that Knight killed Janet Blaum.