St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

St. Elizabeth’s HospitalhospitalsMrs. Ida Prochnow, a 35-year-old German-born woman, died in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Chicago in late February, 1906, from an abortion performed earlier that day. Midwife Madaline Motgna was arrested in the death.

Johanna Faulner, a 40-year-old German immigrant, died in late June, 1906, at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Chicago, from complications of an abortion performed on June 24. Midwife Emily Redeniske was arrested in the death.

In January, 1919, 26-year-old Wanda Skrzypzak died at Chicago’s St. Elizabeth’s Hospital from an abortion perpetrated by Dr. Michael Rozumski and Dr. John P. Wojtaleiwicz

In early February, 1928, 24-year-old Julia Agoston underwent a criminal abortion in Chicago. The coroner concluded that the abortion had been performed in her home. in early March, Julia died at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

in early March, 1907, Mrs. Ella Brunswick, age 24, died at St. Elizabeth’s hospital in Chicago from complications of a criminal abortion performed that day. A midwife named Kunigundi Hardman was implicated in her death.

in late December, 1907, 19-year-old Marcie Mayer died in St. Elizabeth’s hospital in Chicago from complications of a criminal abortion. Mary Bing, a midwife, was arrested, tried, and sentenced to Joliet.

St. Elizabeth’s was founded near Western and Division in 1887 by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, to serve German immigrants. As a Catholic-run charity hospital, it would not have tolerated a practicing abortionist on staff.